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Since August 2021, the group is tenured at the Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics, as the “Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies” group. With this, UZH demonstrates a strong strategic interest in the area of Blockchain.

The group was born in 2015 as Network Science, within the University Research Priority Programme on Social Networks of the University of Zurich. Since the beginning, it brought an interdisciplinary breath to the activities of the Centre.

It established new areas of research and leveraged on a large network of international collaborations. The group has evinced a continuous growth, having now seven PhD students (one more beginning in the next months), two post-doctoral researchers and two affiliated scholars. Expertise spans several fields such as network and data sciences, agent-based modelling, systems design, game theory and quantitative finance.

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The Director - Prof. Dr. Claudio Tessone
and growing.

We have developed an extensive research record around blockchain. We stand that DLT-based systems are paramount examples of complex socio-economic-technical systems. The large-scale properties they evince are non-trivial properties that can only be understood by comprehending the link between microlevel behaviour of the multiple, heterogeneous agents that compose them.

To achieve these goals, we perform large-scale data analysis, minimalistic modelling aimed at uncovering mechanisms behind regularities observed. As such, we are among the leading research groups for interdisciplinary approaches to the study of Blockchain and DLT-based systems.

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